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  1. Lisa Bramd

    Brain, I might be looking to have a custom fit bike. I’m female, 5’5″, 32 inch leg length, very short torso. Most bikes, even women’s models, have a much too long reach for me. Currently I’m riding Giant OCR great bike but very poor fit; I wasn’t fit properly years ago when I bought the bike. As I ride more it is becoming painfully obvious that I need a better fit.

    Do you still fit and custom build bikes? Frankly, you might be out of my league. Can you give me a starting price? I need a road bike. I’m a relaxed rider, 50 miles/day max, occasional 4-5 day touring trips.

    I used to be a customer at Hub Bub, years ago.

    Thanks, Lisa

  2. Mike Payne

    Are you still in business? Your 8005 Mayfield Rd. store is no longer.


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