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  1. Pete Mortlock

    I hope I am emailing Brian Jenks? I have been reading about your Shimergo trick on a CTC online technical paper ‘Rear Shifting’ concerning re-positioning the cable on a Shimano rear mech, very clever! The article was written in 2003 and the cable clamp design of high-quality Shimano mechs. allowed you to re-position the clamp. Can you do this with the more modern Shimano M772 that has a more direct cable route? I intend to combine an 8 speed Ergopower shifter with a Shimano 9 speed derailleur and a 6 speed Shimano Megarange screw on freewheel. The CTC advice is that this combination of cable pull, shift ratio and sprocket pitch will work. If the M772 is not suitable, can you recommend a high-quality Shimano 9 speed derailleur that is.
    Regards, Pete Mortlock

  2. But, let’s let the real expert tell us about the event. In the second half of our show this evening, show producer Charles “chuck” Coyne will talk with me about the show, the recumbent industry, and how bicycle touring will be a growing part of his show for 2016.


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